How to apply

Learning how to apply to UBC is about more than completing the online application. We’ll help you prepare by choosing the right high school courses, guide you while you find the degree that’s right for you, and give you tips to write a compelling Personal Profile.


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Every year, UBC welcomes thousands of top first-year students from across Canada and around the world. You could be next! Find out what you need to do before completing your application.

Plan for UBC

It’s never too early to start thinking about university. If you already know which degrees you’re interested in applying to at UBC, you can choose your Grade 11 (junior year) and Grade 12 (senior year) courses accordingly.

Learn how to plan for UBC

Choose what to study

When you apply to UBC, you’ll have the opportunity to select a first and second choice of degree. The degree you choose now will determine your program options in your second or third year of study.

How to choose a degree

Write your Personal Profile

The Personal Profile is an important part of your UBC application. It’s your chance to tell us about your life achievements and experiences to help us determine if you’re a good fit for UBC.

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Complete the application

Once you’ve chosen a degree and reviewed your admission requirements, it’s time to complete the application. If you have a disability that will impact your ability to meet the academic standards of your degree, you’ll have an opportunity to disclose it here.

Follow the steps to apply