How can I maintain my offer of admission?

How can I maintain my offer of admission?

UBC will be as flexible as possible to ensure that your application is not disadvantaged by the disruptions caused by COVID-19 (coronavirus).


What happens if you can’t complete your required courses or final exams?

All our offers of admission are conditional on you completing secondary school, including the courses required for your admission. However, we know that many schools and exam providers have been affected by COVID-19 and that some of you may not be able to take your final exams or complete your courses. We understand how difficult this is for you, and we are here to support you. UBC still cares about how you’re doing in school, no matter what form that takes right now, and we want you to be as academically prepared as you can be for your first year at UBC.

In order for us to confirm your offer of admission, you should:

  1. Complete whatever form of coursework your school has made available to you; and
  2. Email us at to confirm that you have completed your courses. You can submit the final documents your school or exam provider gives you when they are available. If UBC is able to receive your final documents electronically (e.g., directly from educational departments/ministries or International Baccalaureate Offices), you do not need to email us or send us your final documents.


How will UBC confirm your offer of admission if you can’t send us any final documents or grades?

If you are not able to complete your coursework at all – because, for example, your school did not provide an alternative to classroom learning – please send us documents that confirm this. For details, contact the Admissions Office directly using our online form.


What will happen if you can’t meet the conditions outlined in your UBC offer letter?

We recognize that many of you may not be able to meet all of the conditions outlined in your offer letter because of the disruptions from COVID-19. Don’t worry! We will be as flexible as possible with our admissions practices to ensure that your offer isn’t disadvantaged. You can find out more about the conditions that you do currently need to meet to keep your offer of admission.



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