English-language pathways at UBC

English-language pathways at UBC

If you have achieved outstanding academic results but don’t meet UBC’s English-language requirement, UBC may have a program for you. There are multiple pathways available if you are accepted for study at UBC but require additional support in English-language acquisition.

Conditional Admission Program

The Conditional Admission Program (CAP) offers English-language preparation leading to undergraduate degree programs on the UBC Vancouver campus.

If you are admitted into CAP, you will be accepted into your chosen undergraduate program on the condition you successfully complete the UBC Continuing Studies English Language Institute Intensive English Program, which provides full-time English-language training through either:

  • An 8-week accelerated session scheduled to start in July and finish at the end of August (only open to CAP students)
  • A 16-week session scheduled to start in January, May, or September (open to both CAP and other students)

Once you have successfully completed the IEP, you can transition into your degree program.

The application deadline for CAP is January 15, 2019 for studies beginning in September of 2019.

Vantage One

UBC’s Vantage One program offers 11-month programs for first year international students attending either the UBC Vancouver or Okanagan campus. In these specially-designed pathways, you will receive English language instruction in your first-year degree courses to prepare you for success in the remainder of your Bachelor’s degree.

Upon completion of your Vantage One program, you will receive credit for completing the first year of your undergraduate degree, and will progress into your second year of study. The application deadline for Vantage One is January 15, 2019 for studies beginning in September of 2019.

English Foundation Program

The English Foundation Program (EFP) is offered at the Okanagan campus in Kelowna. An innovative and accredited program, it provides university admission to students who meet all of the academic requirements for a Bachelor’s degree in Arts, Science, Applied Science, Management, Fine Arts, Media Studies, and Human Kinetics, but who do not meet UBC’s English Language Admission Standards.

The EFP combines intensive English language training and academic courses while engaging students in campus life, providing a balanced mix of academics, activities, and experiential and cultural learning on UBC’s Okanagan campus.

UBC applicants are automatically evaluated for the EFP if they meet the university’s admission requirements and have applied to study at UBC Okanagan. The application deadline for the EFP is January 15, 2019 for studies beginning in September of 2019.


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