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Before you start choosing classes, it’s wise to take a step back and review the requirements for your specific degree. Some degrees follow standard timetables, while others list required courses and let you build your own schedule.

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Find out which courses you should take in first year, when to declare a major, and more.

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Find course descriptions, key deadlines and more in UBC’s Academic Calendar, your comprehensive guide to the University’s programs, courses, services, and academic policies.

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Changing degrees or campuses

If you’re interested in transferring to another UBC faculty, school, or campus after first year, speak to an academic advisor at UBC Okanagan or UBC Vancouver as early as possible to ensure you meet the admission criteria and complete the appropriate prerequisites. Generally, prerequisites will be similar to the required or recommended courses for students already in that degree. Keep in mind that you may face limits on the number of courses you can take outside your current faculty.

Advisor Tip

“If you have questions about courses and your degree requirements, talk to an academic advisor in your faculty.”

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