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Why UBC?

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    Top 40 research university in the world

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    Most international university in North America

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    Hundreds of opportunities for specialization

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    $672 million in research funding

UBC stories

Brenna always thinks fondly of her time in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems. Taking advantage of the many exciting opportunities as part of her Nutritional Sciences degree, including attending classes as diverse as Psychology and Classical Studies, her foundation at UBC has helped her on her journey to becoming a doctor. "There are countless paths that lead towards being a physician and none are better than the others – however, studying Nutritional Sciences at UBC was perfect for me."

Brenna Han; BSc in Food, Nutrition and Health (Major in Nutritional Sciences) Read the full story
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Choosing what to study

A common question we’re asked here at UBC is about the difference between a degree and a program. What’s a program? What’s a degree? And why is it important to tell them apart when you’re deciding what to study? Before you apply to UBC, you need to decide which degree and campus you’ll choose. The online application allows you to select two degrees (a first and second choice), which can be on different campuses and in different faculties.

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